Like a Tsunami, Blockchain technology is advancing and gradually disrupting every industry, and redefining the world or work and way things are done. However, the majority are still ignorant of the revolution pioneered by technology.

Hence, there is an urgent need for human capital development to prepare and empower humans with the right knowledge and skills needed to leverage the opportunities the space presents. On this basis, BlockchainUNN was founded.


BlockchainUNN is a Tech community established to educate members of the University Community with both basic and advanced practical knowledge of cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology, its development, and its opportunities. Though we are focused on the University of Nigeria, we have a diverse community made up of people from diverse fields, institutions, and campuses who are blockchain enthusiasts.


To be the best campus Blockchain community in Africa with members contributing positively to the Blockchain ecosystem, growth of Nigeria and Africa at large.


To educate and develop community members ( students and lecturers) of the University of Nigeria, on different facets and applications of Blockchain technology.


There are over 65,000 members of the University community. But only about 10% understand Blockchain Technology. The remaining 90% are ignorant of what Blockchain Technology is all about. Also, they do not understand the opportunities in the space. Annually, the institution graduates over 5,000. 18% make it with the rest being overtaken by poverty and oblivious of the mind blowing opportunities Technology poses for them." The same is the case with several Universities in Nigeria and Africa." We decided to begin the charity at home by addressing the widespread ignorance on our campus.


To encourage the use of Blockchain technology to solve problems in Africa, we push for massive quality education for the young people on Campus. Higher institutions are the biggest community of young people. What we majorly have today is a community of uninformed young people. What we want to achieve is education. One cannot utilize what he or she does not understand

Through our weekly activities, master classes, and conferences, we educate people on

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Web3/ Blockchain Development
  • Financial Market Analysis/ Crypto Trading
  • Motion Design
  • UI UX Design.
  • Web2/ Web Development
  • Community Management/ Business Management
  • Content Creation and Writing


  • Hosted the first Ever Blockchain conference in the South East of Nigeria, at the University of Nigeria.
  • Launch of Web2 / Web3 Developers Community.
  • Helped over 3000+ students to get into the space.
  • Partnered with brands to spread Blockchain literacy
  • Gave out School fees and scholarship to lots of students.
  • Facilitated and gave out laptops to students to help scale in their Tech Career.


To spread the quality of Blockchain education we desire, we hosted the BlockchainUNN conference 1.0; the first Blockchain event in the South East Nigeria, and in our own capacity as the largest Blockchain club in South East of Nigeria, provided support and partnered with brands like Ethereum Nigeria(Filecoin conference), BCAT, Blockchain Hub Africa, Web3bridge, Blockchain Vibes, CBC and many more, to make their IRL events a success.